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last concert 3:15
best in my life 7:55
godzilla's return 3:47
you're on my mind 4:50
in the street 0:21
devil in doubt 4:47
I love you 4:14

miriam camara, vocals
friedemann wilcke, keyboards, synthesizers & vocals
godzilla, guitar & bass
all titles composed by friedemann wilcke
recorded at halloduda studios, berlin, february 18.&19.
1995, mixing engineer: sam daniels
produced by kai gehrmann
performed in the virtual space of halloduda
cover design by chris kascha
special thanks:
to tidian camara for programming the fairlight,
to julia for the coffee and the standing ovations during the recording sessions,
to r2d2 for his exciting solo on "devil in doubt".

If played too loud, the digital effects
on this recording may cause damage
to your equipment.

all copyrights by friedemann wilcke - for all correspondence & information write to:

Last Concert